Rottnest in May: Days 1 and 2

Our ferry was delayed due to storms on Monday and early on Tuesday. We originally would have caught it from Elizabeth Quay at about 8.30 a.m. Tuesday, but that ferry was cancelled and we chose the next available option, a 12.00 noon ferry from Fremantle. To catch it was fairly easy, we caught the 960 to the Perth train station, then the train to the Freo Station, then walked over to the B Shed jetty.

Our ferry was packed with people, workers returning to the island on the first available ferry for the week, plus visitors. Although it was a bit rough we took advice from Eversley to sit on the lower deck as far to the rear as we could. I sat next to a window, not recommended, but I had taken a Quell and kept my eyes on the horizon, and was able to enjoy the view of the waves and ships waiting to go into port.

We arrived ahead of Eversley who had booked our accommodation. After heading in the wrong direction (thanks Google) we found the Settlement and had lunch. We generally lazed about until E arrived and let us know she was at our cottage. We have three bedrooms and a nice port area, with a view of the bay. There is a large gas heater, not much needed, but as it simulates a log fire it is comforting.

In the evening we went to the general store for pizza, salads and wine for our tea. We are very close to the shops and cafes.

This morning (Wednesday) we were ready to go out at about 9.00 a.m. We took a walk up to the Vlamingh Lookout and along by the lake, then a bus around the accommodation areas to Kingston Barracks finishing at Geordie Barracks where we met Eversley’s daughter-in-law’s parents for lunch. We have a lovely time getting to know them.

After lunch Stephen went a bit further along, met up with Lou and Cheryl again and saw their cottage, then walked back. Eversley and I walked back to our cottage mostly along the beach, with a stop for coffee at Pinky’s beach bar, and we saw the glamorous camping area, which was lots of grey canvas and didn’t look glamorous.

After resting we went to the general store for food for our tea. When we came back we realised that we had forgotten a couple of things and Stephen volunteered to go and get them.

So far, I haven’t managed to get ‘the shot’ that I’d be happy with. But, the photos help to document what we’ve done.

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