Home Again

This is Stephen’s stuff that he keeps with him in the dinette of the Sherwood.

We came through Roleystone on our way home yesterday. We had tried to phone first to let Marie and Geoff know we would drop in, but didn’t have a good enough phone signal. When we got there they were out. We went to the nearby cafe for a coffee instead and Glenn arrived and gave us hugs of welcome. Then as we were pulling out of the cafe driveway Marie and Geoff drove past and waved. So two close encounters!

We arrived home at about 3.00 pm, avoiding the worst of the traffic. It was very hot and after a bit of sorting we sat inside and rested to wait for the evening. I reversed up the driveway to give us better access to the door of the van and we put the awning out to give a bit of cover. We ran both the house air conditioning and the van, assuming that our solar would pick up most of the cost.

We will make the most of our two months at home to get things done. The Sherwood is booked into Ken Peachey for all sorts of things, I’ve sent Jason a long list. And we will get the Hilux serviced as well.

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