Day 6 & 7 – about yesterday (Saturday) and today (Sunday)

Stephen enjoying flowers, London

Stephen at the Natural History Museum, London Natural History Museum, London

Stephen decided he wanted to go the Natural History Museum in London. I thought I would like to go to Hyde Park, which is nearby. The museum proved to be a dead loss because it was so busy that he gave up. The building was impressive and beautiful.

We walked along to Hyde Park, had afternoon tea near one of the galleries. The first photo is of the tea garden, and the others are of a sort of art installation which was also a pop up cafe selling Fortnum and Mason products and drinks.

Afternoon tea in Hyde Park, London

Afternoon tea in Hyde Park, cafe, LondonAfternoon tea in Hyde Park, cafe, London-2

We then caught a bus to the Embankment, where we had afternoon tea at a Mexican styled place overlooking the book fair.

The whole place was heaving with people as we walked along to catch another bus back to Victoria, where we could catch the train home.

It was not our plan to walk so far, but my phone told me we had walked over 11 kms, up from our previous highest total of just over 8 kms. Once home, we had leftovers with added vegetables, fruit and yogurt, then a little chocolate. I was in bed by about 8.45 p.m. and slept until Stephen woke me up with a cup of tea at bout 7.30 a.m. That’s how tiring it was!

We had a session on Skype with Matt, he is looking well and seemed happy. Rosemary left him alone for a little while and he coped quite well with parents who can’t understand his speech. Stephen suggested we ask Alena to join us next time and he said ‘yes’ to that. Rosemary then came in and told us about their plans to go away for a couple of days next month on a ‘camp’, the whole house with volunteers and staff. She wasn’t sure quite where it was.

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