Tuesday – a walk and The Winters Tale

We took a little walk in the afternoon to reach the church that I photographed from our balcony a few days ago. It is about 100 years old, so fairly new by English standards. It was windy, though not very cold, but uncomfortable to be out for a long time. If you put your curser over the photos and click once, then slide over, you can see the individual captions. They are not exciting photos, but at least I am not recycling from outings on other days.

In the evening we went to see the film of the play The Winters Tale which is being put on by the Kenneth Branagh Theatre group starring himself and Judi Dench. The switch to jealousy in the early scenes was handled well. I had the enjoyable experience of having forgotten that Pauline had hidden Hermione all those years so that when her daughter is reclaimed by her father, she is able to rejoin them. The King has learned his lesson, or so we hope! I found it so moving that I automatically applauded with the audience in the film at the end.

Today, Wednesday, is mixed in terms of weather. We have had some rain, now we have alternate sun and clouds. We are going to go out fairly soon.

We have been cooking the sort of meals that last us for 3 or 4 nights, either some form of savoury mince, or meat dish in the slow cooker. Nothing very startling, but nice to have when we come home after an outing and don’t want to cook. We just add mixed frozen veggies, some pasta or rice, and are good to go. As well, we have lots of fruit, and, less healthily, creamed honey (which I never eat at home), marmalade, cereal and eggs. I bought some Marmite hoping that it would be somewhat like Vegemite, and I can’t really tell the difference now. I remember not liking it at all in the past. The texture is different to Vegemite, a bit gooey.



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