Crystal Palace Walk

Today we caught a bus to Crystal Palace and took a walk in the park. It wasn’t cold, although the wind could make it feel that way at times. We had lunch of soup and bread at a cafe (we are a bit sick of taking rolls for lunch).

The park seems quite degraded and the features which perhaps date from the time of the actual Crystal Palace are in disrepair. Apart from the rather nice old Railway Station.

We found some lakes and a Dinosaur Park, with workmen doing some maintenance on some of the exhibits. It was quite interesting for us as we kept making discoveries. There is also a farm which appears to be set up as a learning centre for school children. We met some of the walking tiny ponies and goats. The animals looks beautifully kept. I didn’t manage to get good photos, however, especially as I was trying to avoid focusing on the children.

Crysal Palace Dinasour
Crysal Palace Island
Lake with ducks
Crysal Palace Waterfall2
On top of the waterfall
Crysal Palace Waterfall
Crysal Palace Dinasor Park
Ancient Elk?
Crysal Palace Squirrel
Squirrel, of course
Crysal Palace Station
Elegant Railway Station (Crystal Palace)

We caught the bus home to a cup of tea and toast with Marmite. I had put on a meal in the slow cooker, so that was our dinner.

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