Crystal Palace Tower

Stephen said I should show the tower closeup and from East Croydon – compare and contrast. The top photo shows what it really looks like from the apartment. It is the left hand tower in the photo. UPDATE: we think we have confused the towers. It is probably the right hand tower that we saw at Crystal Palace and my zoomed shot is of the BBC tower.

Note: the tower does’t tilt even if it appears to in the photos.

Crysal Palace Tower from East Croydon
Tower from East Croydon at 300mm shot on Sony A6000 with Minolta 75-300mm lens. I removed some haze and lightened it in Lightroom, hence the grainy look.
Crysal Palace Tower Closeup
Tower from closeup using Sony A7RII and Sony Zeiss 24-70mm lens. This has had a little bit of shadow lifting in Lightroom.

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