Decision Time

When I woke up this morning Stephen was sitting on the couch. The last couple of mornings he has found it difficult to stay in bed (he got up about 6.30 a.m.) because of the discomfort in his chest. When I raised the matter of going home early so that he can see his GP, he said he had been thinking of it as well.

He wanted to delay making a decision, but I wanted to decide and plan for it. We contacted the airline and it was about $920.00 to change our booking. We were able to get the 3.30 p.m. flight on Tuesday 5th. We also asked for a wheelchair for him for making the connections as he still can’t walk very far or carry things, and were told it would be arranged for us.

Stephen contacted Lesley who said they will pick us up at the airport. We arrive in Perth at 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday. They don’t have two beds, but Stephen will sleep on the bed and I will have a ‘very comfortable’ camping mat.

We feel sad, and there is now some incentive to do things here in the village before we leave. The afternoon flight means we will have plenty of time to finish things before we leave, even if leaving for the airport about 3 hours before the flight.

We haven’t yet told George about our decision, we will contact him in the morning, now that we have a place to go and he should feel under no pressure to allow us to move back into our house right away, as I am sure would be his first thought.

The photo of Stephen was taken at the opera on the 27th December last year.

Our decision is based on him not really feeling any better after two weeks of rest since the seizure. He doesn’t know what is wrong and there doesn’t seem to be much point in going to a doctor doing an investigation here when if treatment is required it would take place in Perth. Also, they might not be able to see if he will feel better in the next week or two.

We went to the Penny Market around midday to do a little shopping to last us through. Fresh rolls for lunch and a pastry to share. There were tiny snowflakes that melted quickly. If we had not been out in it we would not have known as they did not last once they landed.


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