Today we have rung Mum and Matthew to let them know we will be home on Wednesday. Hidde told Matthew that Stephen fainted a couple of weeks ago and is still feeling unwell. I told Matt that Stephen is eating well, as reassurance that he isn’t very sick. Matt has had experience of being very ill and not able to eat, so I feel it gives him perspective.

I scanned all of Stephen’s medial stuff and sent most of it to George. We have let him know about us coming home and said that we will stay with Lesley so that he and his family can stay at our place until the holiday is over. He is appreciative of that, but left himself open to us asking if he would kindly translate stuff for us, as this is a requirement for our travel insurance claim.

He is going to get David to organise our taxi for the airport, probably will be the same taxi service we have been using, but at least he has the language to set it up. We have also asked that the hire car be picked up from us on Tuesday morning before we leave, that way we have the car if we need it tomorrow, but David should not have to pay for the extra time that we don’t need.

We took the car up to the town square and had a look at the museum. Apart from some natural history stuff and a little bit of historical stuff, there was a lovely exhibition of lacework as artwork and jewellery. I really loved it as it for the beautiful, original looking designs.

We walked across the square and down the street to an old church, then had coffee and tea at a little cafe that overlooks the square. The owner stayed back a little while as we arrived just before we closed. She was friendly and spoke good English, so it was nice to be able to make a connection.

This evening we are booked in to have dinner at De Parade. There we met with Lumir and his daughter Eliška. She was to help with translation. We talked of many things, of our travels, of her music and studies, of his life and what he wants to do in the future (open a restaurant in Prague). We all drank water, and later coffee. Apparently they had thought we might join them on New Year’s Eve, but we had thought they would be too busy with customers to worry about us. We had a chance to thank him for his kindness on the day Stephen had a seizure and repay the money we owed him.

He gave us a gift of a photograph taken in the square by a local photographer. It is signed on the back. I thought immediately of Matthew, we need a gift for him. Although I have a case large enough to carry it, the board is rather soft, so it might be that either I get something to hold it strongly or carry it in a plastic bag. Difficult, but because it seems like and ideal gift for him, and we still get to see it, that I really want to take it home.

And, importantly, I have today worked out how to get rid of the distortion in some of my photos. It’s very simple in Lightroom, but I have always thought at lens distortion is corrected in camera and nothing more could be done. Sometimes you lose some of the image, but not always. I am just hitting ‘Auto’ and there you are!

The photo below represents the Golem of Prague, a sort of mythic figure, originally Jewish.

Brandys NL Monument
Town Square, Brandys Nad Labem


Brandys NL Muzeum entry
Town Square, Brandys Nad Labem
Brandys NL church
Town Square, Brandys Nad Labem

This is the version with magically corrected distortion. It doesn’t look quite right, which is understandable.

Brandys NL lamplight
Town Square, Brandys Nad Labem

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