A bit of a bumpy ride

Ran the photo above through Snapseed on the iPad and found I have several largish spots on the sensor. I thought there might be as there have been a lot of lens changes over the past 3 months. A bit of work in Photoshop to remove them and here it is. Back to Camera Electronic for a sensor clean!

I love seeing the town in snow. It was very light, just enough for the effect of a snowy townscape.

There are problems with a power outage and the air conditioning not working properly at our house, unfortunately George and the family have to cope with this. We are on standby to contact the service people. We did not get a call back before 5.00 p.m. and will have to wait until Monday. Fortunately the weather won’t be quite so hot.

Stephen saw his GP and received some reassurance that he has probably got bruising and sore muscles from the severity of the seizure. He can drink alcohol, but not drive, this time we are told it is for three months, if he doesn’t have another seizure. The surgery rang this morning to suggest having the MRI at Joondalup or Midland, which may bulk bill. Stephen has a list of neurologists to contact to do follow up.

We had a fairly steamy night, with lightning and some rain. I, at least, slept a lot better and feel fairly fresh. Somehow, the heat and humidity are not really a problem. David and Lesley have very good air-conditioning and with solar power, are immune to outages during the day.

We did a little bit of shopping, Stephen bought some shorts and a cheap pair of jeans, and I bought a nightie – I forgot to pick up a spare at the house. Lesley went to the gym and then we went food shopping.

Stephen and I had lunch at a cafe and felt pleased to be at an Australian shopping centre again – slightly weird I know, but we have been away quite a long time. Stephen went to sleep as soon as we got home. Lesley and I did washing, sharing the loads.

I rang Mum to let her know what was happening. She had major thunderstorms last night, much stronger thunder than we had here, and lots of rain. The lightning is scary because it can cause bush fires.

I rang Matt and we will go to see him on Sunday afternoon. Peace took a video of Matthew having his first session in the powered chair yesterday afternoon. He seemed quite calm and happy as he made it go around in circles. It has six wheels for extra mobility. It looks like he will be able to control it reasonably easily using pressure pads with his head. Going on how well he was doing as a first try. He has seen other people use this method of driving powered chairs.

Wilhelm spent a little time with me whilst Lesley was busy this afternoon. When she came returned, he reverted to being with her. Interesting.

Stephen’s GP said he would not be able to drive for 3 months. We thought it was 6 months, but it may depend on a specialist’s recommendation. He will complete the online notification to the Department of Transport website and they will then get back to him on what to do.





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