A weekend near the sea(9th and 10th)

On Saturday afternoon Stephen felt well enough for us to catch a bus to Scarborough. It was very busy even though it was cloudy, and quite cool near the beach. We had coffee and shared a pastry at the Dome cafe. We then caught a bus to the Stirling Train Station. We waited about 45 minutes for a bus home, but it took us closer to the house.

On Sunday morning I felt like having a walk, so went down towards the beach, then along to Brighton Beach. It was cloudy and fairly cool. I wore one of Stephen’s hats, but did not otherwise cover up. I got slightly sunburned, but not very much considering. I enjoyed a coffee and part of a leamington at the little beachside cafe. I sat with another older woman and we had a pleasant chat about the cafe (it has been there a very long time with various owners), dogs, etc. Very enjoyable.

I had been thinking of catching a bus home, but I felt refreshed, the temperature was still cool, and it seemed silly. The walk back was interesting as I went a different way.

In the afternoon Lesley took us to see Matt. I think he found it a bit tough that he couldn’t come home to see us, but from our point of view it was good to see him in his own environment. I decided to get Matt some new clothes to go to his sister’s wedding, and after seeing the invitation, which mentioned casual clothes, have decided on new dark jeans and some sort of patterned shirt. Hidde says he doesn’t need a jacket as he has some good ones.

Sam came over for dinner and to go through his things. He is shy as always, but appears to be in good spirits and enjoyed seeing Wilhelm.

We tried out our special bottle of Vodka with apple and gold flakes. It does indeed taste of apples and was nice with ice and mineral water.

This morning Stephen booked in to see Dr Susan Ho. The earliest appointment is February 8th and he went ahead and booked it as even if he rings around we would expect most people to be fairly heavily booked. He mentioned to the receptionist that his wife has seen her and recommends her.

We rang Jeff Moritz and they said we should get a call either today or tomorrow. She said that given that a service was done in Sept it seems likely that there is a fault/failure of the machine and it is being referred to Fujitsu for them to follow up. Stephen has let George know what is happening. Thank goodness we are having cooler weather, which is predicted to continue for the next couple of days.

I’ve had a couple of good night’s sleep in a row.



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