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We flew from Prague on Tuesday, heading out to the airport via taxi at about 11.30 a.m. We dropped off David’s key with Lumir on the way. It had stopped snowing at that stage and the roads and pavements looked a bit messy. There was snow on the ground all the way to the airport, and it started snowing again by the time we were leaving. The aircraft had to be de-iced before we could take off.

At the airport they supplied a wheelchair and driver at checkin. He dropped us off at a restaurant near our gate, then came back and fast tracked us onto the aircraft. We had quite a good flight of five hours to Dubai, enjoying movies and a meal.

At Dubai things went a bit downhill as they only supplied a wheelchair for a short distance. After that, we caught electric carts, as well as taking lifts and the airport train. There wasn’t much walking, but it was evident that they were struggling with the sheer numbers of special needs people. Only people who couldn’t actually walk were guaranteed wheelchair access.

Still, it would have been much more difficult to do it on our own. For the second flight we were seated in a three on the side, rather than four in centre, where we don’t have to get up for other people. However, the young man next to us was very undemanding and only got up once. I talked with him a little when we were both awake, and found out that he is from Kenya, coming to Australia to study for four years.

We tried to get sleep on this flight, although it is difficult with limited space.

On arrival in Perth we were met at the door of the aircraft by the wheelchair and driver. He then took us through all the checks, helped us with picking up our duty free, took us to customs where they checked my TRS for the camera and decided to allow the full tax free amount they had paid us, and then helped us through the baggage claim and took Stephen out to the car. A very good service and lovely to see Lesley and David waiting for us. We are grateful to Marie Hastings for giving us a ‘heads up’ on how helpful it is. Stephen said that he felt OK at the end of the journey and had no ill effects from the travelling, which was what we wanted.

David and Lesley gave us a meal of salad and lamb steaks, done on the BBQ to establish that we are back in Australia. We went to bed at about 11.00 p.m. and were awake again at around 4.00 p.m. (Stephen said he didn’t sleep, but I did). Around dawn we could hear birds, including kookaburras. We waited until 6.00 a.m. before having our cups of tea.

We’ve done the organising to go over to our house to pick up some things this afternoon after Stephen’s appointment with the GP. I rang Matt just to let him know were are home and said we would be in touch regarding a time to see him this weekend.

We felt comfortable overnight with air-conditioning off(?) and our windows slightly open. It’s just after 10.00 a.m. and already 36.5 degrees outside, but we are lovely and cool here.

Wilhelm is friendly, but a little shy as well. He asks for attention, but did not actually come into the bedroom.

our room



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