After the move

The actual day went pretty well. Marie and Geoff arrived and we did all the last moment stuff together. After the truck arrived I took Mum over to Jamie and Tracy’s house. Tracy was there with her, so came back to the house to help. After all of the furniture and boxes had arrived, plus the stuff we brought over, I faced the unpacking and went back to Kingswood to get Marie to help. When we got back again, Tracy was working on unpacking and setting up the kitchen. Geoff went back and forth a couple of times, picking things up, whilst Marie, Tracy and myself did a great deal of the unpacking and setting up.

Jamie was busy also. We began ditching some of the household stuff that we felt was no longer useful.

By later in the day we had all done an amazing job of getting the house set up. Mum was delighted with it, she said the flat was much prettier than her house. The combined kitchen, dining and lounge is light and airy, with large windows on three sides looking out into trees.

Mum did get tired and was able to get into bed in her newly set up bedroom. Before she arrived Jamie had put up her hanging baskets and put pot plants on the patio, which made it look very welcoming.

Stephen and I went out and bought Chinese for Mum, Tracy and ourselves. After eating, we  went back to Kingswood Street to our caravan for the night. We had arranged to meet Marie and Geoff at Mum’s new house to do some more unpacking the next morning (Sunday). In fact, we just made sure the spare bedroom was habitable for Robyne in case she went ahead with her plan to stay on Sunday night and did a little bit of unpacking.

We enjoyed talking with Marie and Geoff, seeing the children, who had come over for Mothers’ Day, and finding that Mum was still feeling very happy about the move. We left and went back to the caravan for lunch, then headed home so that we would have a rest before having Matt to tea.

In the end, Robyne was too tired to go to Mum’s for Sunday night. Instead she went on Monday.



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