This is the last night of being at Kingswood Street, at least for Mum. Stephen and I will come back tomorrow night to sleep in the caravan. That way, we can spend the full day helping with the move and not have to drive home in the dark. That’s the theory anyway. We also want to offer our help on Sunday if needed. Jamie is getting ready to leave for prospecting again on Monday, so we really want her to be settled in as much as possible.

We are being as bright an optimistic as possible, but I certainly feel sad that this is no longer to be her home. We hope the buyer will get the finance and that the sale will go through as planned, but nothing is certain.

There are boxes all around the house now, and some things still to be sorted, but we feel that lots has been achieved and we should have it easily sorted out in the morning before the removal van arrives.

Stephen and I watched the final episode of the second series of Grantchester tonight and both got a little teary at the ending. It felt quite fitting.

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  1. Hi Susan, I hope the move goes smoothly for your Mum. It’s a difficult time and I remember us moving Dad and clearing out Cannington. Let’s hope your Mum settles in as easily as Dad did. Cheers, Lesley


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