Travels with the Winnie: Day 11

Wirrulla Caravan Park

It’s fairly basic, but we have taken advantage of the cement pad and electricity. We have paid $10 for access to the showers, toilets are free. This was not our intended destination.

We left our camping area quite late this morning, about 10.30 a.m. The trip into Ceduna was uneventful and we surrended a couple of potatoes and pieces of fruit at the checkpoint. Then we went to the service station to feed the Winnie and dump the toilet. They had a tap and hose for the dump, but also another one labelled ‘drinking water’, so we took advantage of it, thinking we would find another free campsite tonight.

We then went into the town and parked exactly where we parked two years ago. Our goal was some shopping, to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables especially. We were both sort of seduced by the idea of going to a cafe, and noticed it was lunchtime and they had beautiful salads. So that was that.

Then to the Foodland Store, which is a big supermarket, where we found everything we needed. An afternoon rest called, so we went out to a nearby beachfront. Before we left Perth we spoke to a couple who said that they have crossed the Nullabour 22 times. We are only on our second trip – maybe there will be more. We already feel that we know Ceduna quite well.

We were heading for a rest area beyond Wirrulla, but pulled in here a bit after 4.00 p.m., both feeling quite weary. The promise of cheap camping, with showers and toilets was too much for us. So, here we are. Telstra sent me a text to warn me that this is a 4G only area, which suits me. Then we were able to tune in some digital TV so we can watch the ABC news tonight. Not that the news is good, but the ritual is pleasant.

In this tiny, not very exciting town, we have everything we could want or need. There is even a jetty…

Wirrulla Caravan Park (1 of 1)
See the Red Capped Wanderer beside the van
Wirrulla circling the wagon (1 of 1)
Circling the Wagon – concrete attracts kids on bikes
Wirrulla granaries (1 of 1)
Featuring the grain silos
Wirrulla hotel (1 of 1)
a nice old pub
Wirrulla General Store (1 of 1)
A General Store
Wirrulla Jetty (1 of 1)
And a jetty. Not that there is any water here, but they want to be able to compete with Streaky Bay. Note the metal sailing boat.
Wirrulla Jetty2 (1 of 1)
Another view of the jetty, with the golf course in the background. You may spot the Red Capped Wanderer near a white post in the background as well.

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  1. All sounds like fun. I think u should have been an engineer! All this logistics. Quite beyond me! By the way the ‘dreaded’ word in my email should have been something about not being ‘too freezing’. Which sounds u r not!

  2. I seem to have said this twice… WordPress is being naughty with me… but anyway…you get the message… and we all make typos… Yes remember Ceduna too…

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