Out of Home Adventures: Day 6

Pinjarra to Roleystone

I switched the alarm off, and we woke up quite late this morning, after 8.00 a.m. Stephen said there were about three trains in the night, but I didn’t hear them. We took our time over breakfast and packing up and were ready to move off at about 11.00 a.m. We stopped by the dump point on the way to the shopping centre. Parking was easier than expected, it was Saturday morning and there was a craft fair in progress, but still managed to park across from Coles.

We found the store very well set up. Stephen said there were types of fruit in the store that he hadn’t seen before. When I spoke to Marie she said that Roz used to go to that shopping centre when she lived in Serpentine. The whole place was amazing for a small village in the south west.

I wanted to visit the Dome and made the excuse that we needed a break before driving and should have morning tea. We bought hot drinks and smuggled in some small hot cross buns to eat. Stephen had the Weekend Australian and I had my ipad for reading news.

We had lunch in a parking bay just north of Byford after stopping in Byford for fuel. We were only about 20 kms from Roleystone, but thought we would be busy setting up when we arrived and didn’t want to get there hungry.

Stephen and Geoff worked on setting up electricity and plumbling. Marie and I discussed Matt’s birthday celebration for tomorrow, we had a cup of tea, then I set up the inside of the van for living and did two loads of washing. Marie had a section of the outdoor enclosure as my designated area, and some spare airers for drying clothes.

The weather has been reasonably cool and cloudy today, with some attempts at rain that haven’t really led to anything substantial. We watched the final episode of ‘Howards End’ tonight, and were glad to see things resolved, though the series was quite odd. There was something unlikely about the story and characters that was rather unsatisfying.

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