Was it the McVitie’s?

The featured image is a view from our balcony on Tuesday evening when it was fine and sunny.

I started out feeling really ill yesterday, likely a combination of jet lag and the cold. Stephen still has a cold, yet started about five days before me, so I’m feeling it is likely to continue. After lunch I had a sleep, setting the alarm for about an hour to avoid sleeping for too long and upsetting the adaptation to the new time zone.

Stephen had a ‘flu jab just before we left for China and I didn’t. It didn’t make any difference to getting what we think is probably just a bad cold.

In the afternoon we had a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit (McVitie’s) and watched ‘Churchill’, the 2017 movie, which I downloaded by mistake, thinking it was the latest one ‘Darkest Hour’. We enjoyed the movie regardless. I’m worried about the tendency to make Churchill a hero, since he was also quite bloodthirsty and advocated the saturation bombing of civilian targets such as Dresden.

By then I was feeling much better and we went out for a walk. Needing to buy milk was an incentive. We rugged up, and found we were initially cold, then too hot by the time we returned. The temperature was on the border of being cold, but the breeze could make it chilly. Once we were in more sheltered areas of the town we were warmer.

When we were here last time there was a construction taking place next to the train station. It is now finished, with an atrium food hall as the centre. The food shops are tiny, with a good deal of variety. It wasn’t very busy when we walked through.

food hall

It is rainy today and we don’t have any plans. Maybe another movie this afternoon?

I listened to the instructions on our flight about turning off electronic equipment when coming into land and realised that there were different instructions regarding mobile phones. They had to be switched to flight mode, but were otherwise allowed to be switched on. Which means you can take photos and videos when coming into land. Which is how I was able to film this:

As we were flying Air China, the instructions were in Mandarin and English!

From next week when we are hopefully feeling a lot better, we are thinking of renting cars for a couple of days at a time in order to explore places that we can’t readily access via public transport. It is likely to be only a little more expensive than buses and trains as we don’t get any special discounts here.

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