Windy Harbour

We had an interesting day going down through the beautiful forest and heathland to Windy Harbour. We were chasing a view, so after morning tea at the main car park we followed the road around and eventually found a viewing platform with this:

I had thought we wouldn’t stay out for very long, but as time slipped away we decided to have lunch. Marie had made up sandwiches, but left them home because of me saying we would be back for lunch. Fortunately we had two minute noodles and some tuna and beans, which made a very nice lunch. We also shared the big jar of peaches from Bridgetown. Geoff and I did a quick and efficient washing up.

On the way back Stephen and I pulled into the car park for Mt Chudalup (need to check spelling). It’s a huge rock, surrounded by karri forest, and fortunately it is quite impressive from the car park as it was too late to walk to the top even if we were capable and we weren’t sure about that. We had a nap as soon as we arrived and it left us feeling quite refreshed.

We dropped in at the Workers Club to check it out as a venue for our last meal together. Should be fine. Then we went to visit Marie and Geoff to return their milk. We found a spot in the caravan park that looks fairly level where we will spend tonight.

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