Day 59 – alcohol free zone

Sunday 19th May, 2019

I think they mean in the street, there are about four pubs in this town. Cute though.

We saw the movie ‘The Aftermath’ this afternoon at our local cinema. It’s so nice to be able to walk out to a movie. It was a bit of a tear jerker, especially affecting Stephen, of course. I could feel the seat rocking and looked across to my man sobbing over the ending.

We feel very much in a holding pattern now, waiting to see how things unfold tomorrow. We have looked at our route home, travelling roughly the same way home as on our outward journey,

We are very sad about last night’s election result, but there is nothing we can do. The whole thing becomes such a circus.

This is advertised in the Telstra shop. Hopefully they have a fast NBN service.

We will be talking with Matt later. He and his housemates had a day trip to Rottnest yesterday. We hope he ad a good time. They travelled from Hillarys.

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