Day 58 A quiet day, so far

Saturday 18th May, 2019

The polling station at the town hall in town has been busy all week with people casting early votes. It was strange to see that it was only slightly more busy today. We walked down to town and wandered around a bit. I went into the Millard’s Building to photograph the beautiful staircase.

Town Hall voting station
Millard’s Building

Stephen went for a walk along the little river and I did some shopping, buying a thin jumper to wear under my down jacket. Then he read the papers in the library and I went for a coffee.

Around lunchtime we met at the IGA to buy food for our pressure cooker meal tonight. We buy small amounts of groceries at a time because we have to walk home.

We came back to a clean cabin. The park manager had come to change the linen before we went out, but she also cleaned everything, including washing the floors. I felt a bit guilty that I didn’t help, but I think she would have been embarrassed if I had tried. We are not used to having a cleaner.

It was a sunny day in Perth and Matt and the others had a special outing to Rottnest for the day. Jackie sent us a photo.

After lunch we rested and Stephen read the paper.

There was a beautiful light on these trees in our caravan park.

We put the meal on at about 5.00. Stephen peeled vegetables and chopped the hard ones, I chopped the soft ones, onions, capsicum and zucchini.

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