A very wet day in Lucerne

Today it has rained all day. It’s been cool, but not cold, with only a slight breeze at times. When we finally went out after lunch we took umbrellas and raincoats and were happy to enjoy the day. It took us a while to get going and have breakfast.

Our lunch, as shown in the above photo, was very simple. We did some washing, learning to operate a rather different washing machine with folding metal leaves at the top. I think the action would have been like that of a top loading washing machine, going round and round.

Then we talked with Matt on FaceTime. Ian and Marianne were visiting and it was nice to chat with them as well.

We decided to take a couple of extra nights here in Lucerne and had hoped to stay where we are. But when I went to check, there were no vacancies here and we’ve had to book another space. That means we lose time, packing up and taking our luggage to a new place, but we can still go to the Transport Museum tomorrow and then take a cruise on the lake to visit Mt Rigi on Tuesday.

We set off from the house with a plan to go to four museums, but ended up going to two. Stephen managed both, but I had a severe case of museum legs after the first one. It is a small museum about Lucerne, but over four levels. We were able to put our wet umbrellas in a special place, hang up our wet coats, and put our bags into lockers. All very civilised.

We liked the museum, perhaps for what is revealed about the local people more than the information. It is a very ??? place, I’m trying to find the right words because it reminded me of museums in small towns in Australia, full of ordinary objects from the distant past up to the present, good for kids with quizzes and stories to follow on iPads. We went around with iPads as well, taking scans of barcodes to find out about the objects. There was a birthing chair, very uncomfortable looking with lots of holes for obvious and not so obvious purposes.

One of the museums was a bit out of town, so Stephen decided we probably didn’t have enough time to go there as well, and another was not covered by our ticket. Stephen went to the Natural History museum and I sat in a little pub across the way. Totally lacking in character, but comfortable.

On the way home we went to a little supermarket at the bahnhof, the only one open as far as we know. When I checked on Apple Maps everywhere else seemed to be closed for Sunday. We chose some healthy food for our dinner, plus some mousse type deserts, fruit, and a few other items.

Once home we bought a bottle of beer from the communal fridge to go with our meal. We are tired.

We walked along the river on our way to the museum. There are a few rain drops on the camera lens.

The crane rather spoils this photo.

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  1. Great u caught up with Rob and Rita. You are certainly meeting weather extremes. Tour de France even cancelled because of slippery slopes. Beautiful spring weather here😻

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