Boris subverts democracy with Trump’s approval

Boris looked like not being able to get a better Brexit deal than Teresa May and a group within his party wanted to fight against a ‘no deal’ Brexit happening on October 31st. Boris has taken the extreme step of closing parliament early. They could have had up to 39 days to work things out, now they will only have about 5 days.

The Queen must have been extremely angry about having to ‘consent’ to such a patently political move by Johnson. Even the speaker of the house has spoken out, and the speaker is supposed to be politically neutral.

It has created much discussion, no major protests so far, it will be interesting to see what happens. It isn’t a matter of being for or against Brexit, even supporters are outraged. It is unclear what the consequences of a ‘no deal’ Brexit would be, but there is talk of shortages of food and medicines and the need to stockpile.

Today we’ve been concentrating on packing our bags for leaving Croydon tomorrow to travel north. We are leaving quite a lot of clothes here, basically our summer gear.

For today, a couple of the photos taken through the train window in Switzerland.

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