We are just not used to coping without air conditioning. We didn’t go out today, apart from me going down to the shop for some salads.

Stephen has had a headache off and on for the past couple of days, a bit like a migraine in that it makes him feel unwell. We hope it’s just a virus and will clear by Thursday when we will be travelling to Birmingham.

Stephen had a shower during the afternoon to help him cool down. I went one better and sat in a bath for a while. We are so glad that the weather is going to change, but in the process of change it has become very humid and we might have one more uncomfortable night. G may have to invest in fans for his guests if this continues. We have an air circulation system but it isn’t strong enough to have the effect of a fan forcing air over us. We have all the windows and doors open to catch any breeze.

Tomorrow we need to pack for our journey northwards. We will need to sort through food in the cupboards and fridge to make sure we only leave what will be in date when we come back in October.

I’ve taken many photos from our balcony and the top floor patio on our other visits. It’s hard to resist as we have uninterrupted views on two sides of the building. There are taller buildings in East Croydon, but they are on the other side of the building.

Central London towers in the distance, this view is lit up with red lights from the many cranes at night.

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