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Why are standing outside of No. 10? A friend asked if we would take a photo of her family home. Although she was able to look it up of Google Maps and see what it looks like now, we thought she might appreciate it if we went there and took a photo. It’s possible that our photo shows a clearer view of the house. The photo was taken by a stranger who immediately went into ‘professional photographer’ mode, as random strangers often do when asked to take photos.

Our friend was a child during the Second World War, and it’s quite interesting that the house still looks loved and cared for. The location, on a hill in a pleasant, leafy suburb, suggests that it would be worth quite a lot of money even though part of the land has been sold to build a more modern house next door.

Before going to the house, we visited the Croydon Library and had lunch at the Clock Tower Cafe. These are familiar places to Stephen and I, and we knew that Eversley would also appreciate them as she finds libraries good places to spend a few hours. As we walked to the Library we tried to give her a feel for the neighbourhood so that she can take off and have some time to herself as needed.

At the start of the day we had some workman come to repair a couple of newly installed windows of this apartment. Eversley had to sleep in a different room from her designated bedroom because the window jammed open and there was a roaring gale coming in. I checked the rest of the windows and there was another window that needed adjustment. These windows are an upgrade to the old windows which allowed droughts and moisture into the house.

There was also a visit by an engineer to service and start the central heating system. We didn’t really think we would need central heating, but this evening have it turned on as it is quite chilly.

We’ve had a mostly clear day after stormy weather last night, and that is why the temperatures are down. At times when we were out today there was a chilly breeze. We’ve had a clear sunset with a new moon in the sky.

Clock Tower Cafe

Flowers in the street taken from the bus on our way home.

We had a bit of a problem working out where to catch the bus near the Library, but then enjoyed having a ride all the way home to the outside of the housing complex where we are staying.

Now that we have new windows I was able to open the window fully to take a few photos after sunset.

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