Getting back into things

Today has been interesting. Seeing Mum after 3.5 months I notice that her face is a little more shrunken and her hair more sparse. She was making little noises at first, though stopped once she was talking and she seemed to be able to hold a conversation when it was initiated by others. Marie made it about my birthday, with tiny cupcakes, flowers for us both and a gift. Fortunately I had gifts for them, little scarves bought in Haworth. This was a good way to keep her entertained.

The staff had not been told that Mum’s clinic appointment has been put off until next week, so we were able to let her Audrey know.

I followed Marie home to switch off the fridge in the Winnie and put the vehicle battery on charge, the latter with Geoff”s help. He will monitor progress and switch off when it is full.

Stephen had been out to a coffee morning with colleagues from his former workplace. He said he found them all quite predictable from his past experience.

We rested, then he got ready to go to WASO chorus rehearsal. I walked out with him to the bus stop, then down to the park to take photos of the changes to the park and shopping centre. There is a new picnic area, a basketball net, and new toilets. The shopping centre has new shops, as well as old ones, with outdoor seating areas.

Last night I had my first normal sleep, going to bed at 10:30 pm and waking up to the alarm at 7:00 am,this morning. I still needed a sleep in the afternoon, but set the timer for 40 minutes. I felt groggy on waking up, but feel quite lively now.

Now some photos, heavily processed in the IPadOS app Snapseed.

The new units behind our house are still being finished off. This is the view from the intersection of Albany Highway and Miller Street. There will be a pub and an area that can be booked (for free) by community groups. This was the sweetener that was promised to the council,in return for allowing the units to be six stories high instead of the normal four stories.

We have new bus shelters on both sides of Kent Street for our high frequency 960 bus service.

This path is new. It means there is a path on both sides of the park.

This little basketball net would have pleased Tony, our Chinese friend when he and Della were staying with us. He loved being able to practice on a net, if not actually join a game.

I had an affogatto at the icrecream cafe, then fish tacos at a new shop called Fish Boss. It was quite lively there and an opportunity to enjoy sitting outside enjoying food and the atmosphere of couples and families. It was almost dark when I walked home, but I feel fairly safe in our neighbourhood early in the evening. There are lots of people strolling about looking for a place to have a meal.

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