The weekend so far

On Saturday morning we went to an exhibition at the Art Gallery, basically botanical drawings, but also some related works. We went on a free tour and our guide had great enthusiasm for her subject and it was interesting. Many of the,paintings were beautiful and I also found a book of photographs of Western Australian wildflowers which had some of the flowers I have photographed, but much better than mine. We are thinking of going back again as it was hard to take everything in.

We felt tired after an hour and were glad to take a rest in the cafe.

In the evening Matt came to tea and we had a small celebration of my birthday, with a Coles chocolate mud cake and brand new candles. It was all about making it a nice evening for him (and us of course).

We had one candle of each colour on the cake

Cards and some gifts in the bag and flowers from the Pooleys
Thoughtful man

This morning we went to Gwelup for a walk with Eversley and friends around the lake with a visit to the cafe in the middle. A chance to catch up with people we know from Working Voices. Even if we see them at choir we don’t have much time for conversation.

Eversley has done a blog post with some of her thoughts from our time in England. It’s something I would like to do as well, though in a trip with many different components it’s not something I can easily summarise.

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