Visiting Monk’s House’s_House

I’ve included the Wikipedia link because it gives better information about the house than we got from visiting it. There were volunteers in each room to explain things and respond to our questions, but the sequence of why they eventually moved there full time is not something we were told.

Monk’s House

We caught the train to Lewes, and the station is familiar territory as we went there for the,opera at Glyndbourne. From Lewes there is a bus to the village of Rodmell. The bus stop is near the local pub, and there was sign posting to Monk’s House. We asked about the name and it is apparently not clear why it is called that. We noticed that other houses we passed also had names. More modern houses have been built to blend in with the style of the very old houses and even in mid autumn the gardens are free and bright with flowers.

Walking along the line

Below are some of the other houses we saw on the way.

Only the ground floor rooms are open and Virginia’s little studio, a separate room away from the house, is locked, so we could look through windows to see it set up with her desk and writing materials. We could also see the beautiful view that she enjoyed from this room. There didn’t appear to be any heating in the studio. Perhaps she didn’t use it when it was very cold.

Notice in the right hand corner that a visitor has the same lean as the statue, I didn’t realise this until I looked at the photo last night. A little unintentional humour.

The village church is visible from the garden and even back at the house.

After time at the house, mainly spent in the garden, we walked back to the pub for afternoon tea. Stephen took a short walk up the hill to see more of the South Downs. He only had half an hour before the bus, but could then rest on the bus and train ride home.

The Abergavenny Arms

We bought some essentials from the little shop near the station and walked home.

The day was a bit chilly, and we thought it might rain at one stage, but by late afternoon there were some ‘sunny spells’. Still, we were glad to get back and switch on the central heating.

Stephen and I have Australian National Trust membership, and had free entry, but public transport by train and train is quite expensive. We took a picnic lunch to save money.

What is the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom?

Why are standing outside of No. 10? A friend asked if we would take a photo of her family home. Although she was able to look it up of Google Maps and see what it looks like now, we thought she might appreciate it if we went there and took a photo. It’s possible that our photo shows a clearer view of the house. The photo was taken by a stranger who immediately went into ‘professional photographer’ mode, as random strangers often do when asked to take photos.

Our friend was a child during the Second World War, and it’s quite interesting that the house still looks loved and cared for. The location, on a hill in a pleasant, leafy suburb, suggests that it would be worth quite a lot of money even though part of the land has been sold to build a more modern house next door.

Before going to the house, we visited the Croydon Library and had lunch at the Clock Tower Cafe. These are familiar places to Stephen and I, and we knew that Eversley would also appreciate them as she finds libraries good places to spend a few hours. As we walked to the Library we tried to give her a feel for the neighbourhood so that she can take off and have some time to herself as needed.

At the start of the day we had some workman come to repair a couple of newly installed windows of this apartment. Eversley had to sleep in a different room from her designated bedroom because the window jammed open and there was a roaring gale coming in. I checked the rest of the windows and there was another window that needed adjustment. These windows are an upgrade to the old windows which allowed droughts and moisture into the house.

There was also a visit by an engineer to service and start the central heating system. We didn’t really think we would need central heating, but this evening have it turned on as it is quite chilly.

We’ve had a mostly clear day after stormy weather last night, and that is why the temperatures are down. At times when we were out today there was a chilly breeze. We’ve had a clear sunset with a new moon in the sky.

Clock Tower Cafe

Flowers in the street taken from the bus on our way home.

We had a bit of a problem working out where to catch the bus near the Library, but then enjoyed having a ride all the way home to the outside of the housing complex where we are staying.

Now that we have new windows I was able to open the window fully to take a few photos after sunset.

Coming Home to East Croydon

Stephen's Lincoln Cathedral photo.JPG

Stephen took this photo on his iPhone 8 from the tower at Lincoln Castle, and it is so good that I have included it here. As he was the only one of us to actually tackle the extra stairs up to the tower he was the only one able to enjoy the views.

It was a rainy day again today, but we managed to avoid getting too wet on the journey back to our apartment in East Croydon. Stephen thought we had to do four changes, based on his original booking. Last night it became clear that one change involved walking, dragging our stuff, from one station in a town to the next. There was no other way, except by taxi. But, by taking a slightly earlier train we avoided that silliness and went from Lincoln to the correct station in the next town as the first leg.

We then had a fairly luxurious ride on an inter city train which dropped us on the outskirts of London. Our next train took us through London to East Croydon and we took a taxi to our apartment building. It was all new to Eversley, but she is delighted to have a bedroom on the ground floor.

We had a bit of a storm in the afternoon, just at the time we walked down to the local shop, but the worst was over by the time we finished stocking up on food and other essentials. With three of us to carry it home we didn’t hold back too much on fruit, vegetables and other essential (and treats). The best part is that Stephen has cooked tea.

London before the storm - 1.jpg

This is how the sky looked from the balcony whilst we were resting after our arrival.

It has become quite stormy again, around 8.00 p.m., but we feel fairly snug with the newly installed double glazed windows and curtains with heavy backing to keep out the cold. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow is that it will be quite cold and we don’t have central heating until the engineer comes tomorrow to switch it on.

There were double glazed windows here previously, but they were old, dirty, and had moisture between the layers. All of the windows in this apartment block are being replaced and it was fortunate that ours were installed whilst we were away.



Our train trip yesterday from Cragg Vale to Lincoln was quite an adventure. We finished up being a trio of very soggy Australians. Eversley has written up the trials of our journey and since she has done such a good job I’m linking to her blog for the details.

Today we have been sight seeing. The day started out misty, become sunny, and is now drizzling again. Lincoln has a smallish city centre, thought the Cathedral and Castle are located up a steep hill. Fortunately, we found out about a bus that would take us there. We caught a bus into town, then the one that took us off the hill.

Apart from the renovations, both the Cathedral and the Castle proved good for photography. We were able to walk into the Cathedral and get a feel for the inside without going as far as buying entry tickets.

Alfred Tennyson is one of the famous sons of Lincoln.

We spent quite a lot of time in the shop, with Eversley and Stephen negotiating to buy some little books about the area. I am always looking for little gifts to take home to Matt, and finally found something in the Castle shop that is perfect (a cake of special soap for Mr Perfect).

We found a couple of Snoopy toys in the garden at our AirBnB, Eversley and I plan to take them home to give as gifts. I wonder if Matt will like one.

We had a small lunch (2 for 3) in the Castle cafe, then on to the highlight of the day, a walk around the castle walls.

Entrance to the Castle

There were great views on the way around the wall. The above photo was taken on telephoto looking towards the fields beyond the city.

There are two buildings inside the walls, this smallish looking castle and a Victorian prison building in red brick.

That was followed by cream teas at the same cafe, before parting for a while to take our own journeys to the bus station. Stephen and I went down Steep Hill, Eversley took a more gentle route in respect for her knees.

There are many interesting shops, cafes and even a little hotel in the street. This sweet shop had packages of traditional sweets from different eras. We went into a cheese shop and sampled some of the different tasting cheeses- then didn’t buy any.

Eversley bought a couple of pasties for our evening meal, and we have just a little in leftovers from last night. Stephen has tuned in the news and we will enjoy a quiet evening at home before another marathon train journey tomorrow. Rain is forecast.