To the North: Perth to Jibberding Rest Area

It was raining when we left and rained constantly for the first couple of hundred kilometres, then we had showers from time to time. We followed our first rule of road trips, that is, never drive past a good bakery, even if it’s a bit early for lunch. We had meat pasties and hot drinks at the Bindoon Bakehous, and decided that it was our main meal of the day. We bought a sourdough loaf and had toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches for tea, an easy option as I was tired when we arrived here at Jibberding.

Jibberding evening

Getting onto Great Northern Highway is a breeze with the by-pass on Tonkin Highway. Like being on a slingshot. Despite the heavy rain it was an easy drive.

I must have been excited about leaving as I didn’t get tired whilst we were driving. We had afternoon tea at Dalwallinu, which was also a decent break from driving. We have some apple cake made by one of my guests at the Friday movie night and it is delicious, especially as it was cold and I toasted it slightly to warm it through.

We are the only ones here in a large camping area in the reserve. One vehicle came to check it out, but it moved on.

We had many trucks passing in the night, but if I am asleep I don’t notice them. The minimum was 7, the Campervan was comfortable and we were a bit hot under our very warm doona. No difficulty managing without a heater, in other words.

This morning there was a mist and some dawn photos were necessary.

Jibberding sunrise
Jibberding sunrise
Jibberding morning mist

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