I didn’t actually finish the last day of our time in Dwellingup. We awoke at our campsite at Nanga Brook camping area and moved over to a parking area so that we could take one last walk along the brook. Although we went the same way as the previous day it was interesting because there were people camping in tents and trailers with bicycles arriving, so obviously there was a bike event happening. We also had a group of school kids going on a nature walk with an indigenous leader.

Stephen suggested we try a different road out of our camp. It is gravel, but in good condition and we enjoyed the road and were only frustrated at the end to find that the last couple of kilometres at the end were blocked off. He asked someone about it and was told that it has been blocked off for years. Normally there is another route out, but that is blocked by roadworks at present. We drove back and found it actually seemed a bit shorter, not the usual experience when you have to retrace your route.

It gave us an excuse to go to the cafe at the Dwellingup Visitor Centre for lunch. During the day we had updates on Matt as he possibly injured his shoulder Tuesday evening. Staff took him to the Urgent Care Clinic of SJOG, Midland (near Bunnings apparently) and they had been taking him over to emergency for X-Rays, then back to the clinic.

We drove home afterwards lunch and had a cup of tea and a rest before unpacking the van. Then we had a phone call from Matt’s house supervisor asking if we could take over at the hospital as Matt still hadn’t had his shoulder fixed. We felt very tired, but I was worried enough to feel I really wanted to go and Stephen came around to it after a bit of thought. The cafe was still open at the hospital so we got some food and went around to emergency to relieve the staff.

It was a good thing we were there as we were able to consent to Matt being sedated so that they could attempt to get his dislocated shoulder back into place. Once he was sedated they had some X-rays done on the mobile X-ray machine to help with diagnosis. Then, about three doctors worked on him to get the shoulder back in place. They weren’t sure at the end if they had succeeded and Matt took ages to wake up. He had to be sort of startled awake by one of the nurses. Fortunately he was then able to go home and Tin, his taxi driver, left his home to come and pick him up. Stephen travelled with him in taxi in case he vomited and I followed in the car. I think we got home at about 1.00 p.m., but felt good about him being back to his house and looking much more relaxed than when he was at the hospital.

So, that was the end of our trip to Dwellingup for the Folk in the Forest music festival and camping at Nanga Brook. It was very enjoyable overall and is our last planned camping trip for 2021.

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