Before the Deluge: Katanning and Kendenup

Our neighbour across the road, Kendenup

We were a bit delayed in getting away for this trip and only left on Sunday. We pushed through to Katanning for our first night. It was fairly easy driving on the Great Southern Highway, with no trucks. Our aim, of course, was the free camping with dump point and fresh water and being close to the Dome Cafe for breakfast. We took a walk around the town in the evening and had a shared big breakfast yesterday morning.

Later we located a tyre place and had the tyres checked. The rear tyres were a little down and there is a bit of wear as a consequence. The person was helpful and cheerful, which left a good feeling.

We chose our next location as somewhere near the Stirling and Porongorup Ranges. A winery offered camping at $20 per night with no facilities and the Kendenup Shire offered camping in the recreation centre car park for $20 per night with power, water tap, toilets and hot showers and an outdoor sink with hot water for washing dishes. Which would you choose? We felt it was a no brainer to choose the shire site and we had a peaceful night last night even though some tent campers arrived after dark and spent time getting set up. It is $15 per night without power, but as it is a bit cloudy and it was only $5 extra we have opted for power.

One of the things that delayed us getting away was that Stephen developed a bit of a cold last Wednesday. He checked with the surgery where we were booked for booster shots and they didn’t want him there. We cancelled both appointments and went and got tested. We had to change the time for Matt to come to tea whilst we waited on results. He came to tea on Saturday night in the end. Fortunately he is very flexible.

This morning we have been very relaxed about time, waking up and spending time having our cups of tea before breakfast and washes. I also wanted to get started on this blog, and so I have.

We have booked into the Albany Community Clinic for our booster shots on Thursday. I also checked with Ken Peachey regarding our new water/space heater, which was due to arrive around Christmas, but is still apparently on the road. They have booked us in for February 2nd, but I will check the preceeding week to make sure it is either there or very close. If it looks like being delayed again we don’t need to rush back for the 2nd.

Kendenup township. The houses are well spaced out on large blocks of land. There is a small general store, post office and a cafe. Because we were exploring late in the day we were not sure if the cafe was open or closed for the holidays.
The local golf club calls itself a Country Club and offers meals and cheap drinks on Friday nights.
The horse isn’t very tall, so I’m not sure why it has hairy hooves like a cart horse. He was a bit shy when we walked past the first time but came to greet us on our return. We were told that the general store was about 1km away, but it was longer, more about 2kms, so a four km walk return.

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