Before the Deluge: Cosy Corner

Beach at Cosy Corner

We made it to Cosy Corner at close to 1.00 p.m. yesterday. For some reason we had no difficulty getting up and ready to go by 9.00 a.m. yesterday morning. First stop was the van services area for water, dump point and getting rid of grey water. Then we went straight to the vaccination clinic. Although we were early for our booked appointment they let us join the queue. The setting was a disused Bunnings and it allowed for different areas for children, adults and post vax seating for the 15 minutes. They’d even organised water/juice so that the waiting wasn’t too boring for kids. Toilets were also available.

Our friends had organised a camping spot for us and let us know that the person hadn’t left, so we didn’t have to hurry. We took the opportunity to go to the Dog Rock Laundry to do a load of washing, get some cash, and have a bit of a snack so that we wouldn’t arrive hungry. Despite all that our camping area was still occupied (by a very nice person), so we sat with our friends catching up with news.

We have the camping spot next door to them with privacy bushes on both sides. Our neighbours on the other side were noisy last night, but we plan to make noise as well tonight having a sing a long.

We had a short walk along the beach before tea last night, then went and had more catchup with our friends. The husband is a fellow geek, so we share information on gadgets for our vans. They’ve invited us to tea on Sunday night and I’ve asked if I can be assistant cook and learn to make a really nice vegetarian meal. They are vegetarians for health reasons, which is my motivation as well.

We have been planning things to do when Eversley arrives and have already booked three tickets for a film at the library. I’m hoping we can take in some of the Australia Day festivities as well.

We’ve set up camp with the awning out and tethered (winds can be strong here), mat, tables and chairs. We had our external solar panel out, but I didn’t want to leave it out overnight so brought it in. However, I think it’s a good idea to leave it out and we can wipe it down if the dew causes sand to stick to it, as it will.