Before the Deluge: Kendenup and Albany

Frenchman Bay

We didn’t want to drive a long distance yesterday. Stephen found a nearby lookout and it turned out to be a good find. On the way we had to follow a gravel road for about 2 kms, then saw a two wheel track going up the hill to where we thought was the lookout. We knew we didn’t want to drive up that, but as we drove a little further we found a sealed road that took us to the lookout. It wasn’t sign posted, but we followed it because it was going in the right direction.

We made toasted sandwiches for lunch, then basically lazed away the rest of the afternoon either resting, reading books or listening to podcasts. I took a few photos but I didn’t want to wait until sunset for better shots, then have to drive back when it was getting dark. Mainly because of the danger of hitting wildlife.

We had another peaceful night at the campground and took our time getting ready to leave this morning. At Mt Barker we did van services (refuelling, emptying and refilling tanks, and shopping). Well stocked up we drove to Middleton Beach for lunch. It was beautiful, but extremely windy and it became a bit tiring to cope with. The beach looked inviting, but sand was blowing and it wasn’t pleasant to be out for very long.

Back in the town Stephen went to the Visitor Centre and I went to a cafe for a coffee. We both had a great time, of course. Afterwards I wanted to go to Frenchman Bay. The informal camping area has been closed off with a chain and padlock. Stephen investigated and there is a sign to say that it is private property. A pity, but as it wasn’t actually a designated camping area we can’t complain.

Frenchman Bay

Stephen rang the golf links and when they said they were full he pleaded that our van is very small, surely they could fit us in. The person caved and booked us in.

After afternoon tea at Frenchman Bay we went to the golf links and found a good spot and only had three tries to get ourselves up on the levelling blocks. I didn’t feel up to cooking and we had cooldrink with snacks, then had tuna and salad with half a roll each and cider, followed by fruit and yogurt.