Before the Deluge: Cosy Corner restful days

We have been enjoying a restful time here at our camping spot. Our evenings have been spent with our neighbours, talking and singing. During the day we eat, drink and laze about. We took a walk yesterday along the beach to the sheltered area that is good for swimming and found it quite busy, probably due to being on the weekend. On our way back to camp we realised that we were only a kilometre from the cafe. It motivated us to take a slightly longer walk, with the promise of some food. As was the case last year it became a bit chilly sitting the the garden even though we had felt quite warm on our walk there. We haven’t had any hot weather yet and it gets chilly after dark, but it can get quite warm in the van during the day. So, nothing much is happening, but it’s lovely to be here where we can hear the waves on the beach.