During the Deluge: last full day at Cosy Corner

We did two unusual things today. We went down to the beach before breakfast, walking along the beach to our right to the sheltered part where we each had a quick dip. And we left the rear doors of the van open and put up the lace curtain I inherited from Roslynn’s previous house.

The curtain doesn’t keep out all of the insects, in fact we did a good spray of the van before our evening walk tonight. But it at least discourages flies and the benefit of having a breeze flowing through our living space was worth it.

From here we are going to try to get a camping spot at Shelley Beach for tomorrow night. If unsuccessful we can just park there for the day and there is a community hall on the lower Denmark Road that allows 24 hour camping where we can stay tomorrow night if necessary. We have booked a couple of nights at a winery in Denmark to follow. It’s about the only way we can have a couple of nights fairly cheaply in Denmark, though they have food and wine to tempt us to spend. As we are not much on the wine it could be that the food will be our downfall😀

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