Travelling Oz…we’ve arrived in Adelaide

We’ve based ourselves at a beachside car park we found on WikiCamps in an outer suburb of Adelaide called St Kilda. There were mixed reviews of this site, with some people experiencing harassment from local yahoos overnight, and others not having any problems. Our first night was mostly peaceful, apart from having helicopters flying around. There is a heliport nearby. Oddly, we haven’t had any helicopters this evening, but the difference might be that last night there was a strong wind and they may have had to change their flight plans.

We made fairly quick time from Crystal Brook yesterday, stopping for a hot milo at Locheil, which was dark pink in places, very attractive. We had a strong wind behind us, which was very good for our mileage but getting out to take photos at the lake was a challenge.

Lochiel pretty in pink

When we arrived we went to the little cafe here to get our $8 ticket for the overnight stay and had takeaway. we could have bought all required fishing gear if we had been inclined😀

We like it hear as there are interesting places to walk all within a short distance and we have amenities such as toilets during the day and access to water and a dump point.

Today we went shopping in the morning mainly to get fresh fruit and veggies. It was about a 15 minute drive, with an overpass over the main highway. Today has been quite wet, but fairly short showers with gaps so that we could get things done.

We plan to stay here tomorrow night as well, then move to Belair Caravan Park which is in a national park to the south east of here on Friday night for three days. We will visit one of Stephen’s old friends close by here in Woodville on Friday, then another mutual friend who lives in Belair on Saturday. We want to explore the national park a bit as well.

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