Yesterday we did nothing but shop. We bought stamps at the post office, with assistance, using the automatic dispensing machine. I ordered a remote for my Apple TV (remembered to bring it, but not the remote). Stephen bought a desk lamp. We bought minor stuff in Boots. We recovered at a Costa, sharing a sausage toastie. Then we did the food shopping at Waittrose, which is our best option if we are doing a big shop. I checked the distance and had easily passed the 10,000 steps which is my daily goal.

Later, Stephen went to our nearby Sansburys to pick up things he needed for cooking tea.

We’ve been wondering what was happening with the heating in the apartment. It is switched on, as per instructions and photos in the house manual, but was clearly not working. We can’t find any of the little heaters that the manual mentions as being available. However, I noted a dial on the wall in the living room, and turned it up. Presto, on came the gas and big fan, and we had heating.

Of course, it quickly got to be too much, and we had to turn it down at bedtime. We turned it up again for a little while this morning, then down again when we were having breakfast.

Thank goodness we finally worked it out as it was getting quite chilly in the evenings here.

Morning sunshine in our apartment

No photos from yesterday, this is from a few days ago.

I am currently reading Bill Bryson’s ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ and finding it very useful in terms of getting ideas for places to go in England. I also like his rather rambling way of going places, doing lots of walking and having tea and cake. I can look up the places he mentions (reading on the iPad) as I go. Of course, his humour makes it all good fun. An ideal book to read at this time.

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