More from yesterday(Friday)

After spending time at the Thames Barrier we caught a bus to East Greenich, home of the 02 stadium complex. We found the area so interesting that we spent time walking around, taking advantage of the twilight. A second very modern part of London, with interesting architecture:

London - NorthGreenich_02StadiumComplex9
A patterned exterior and round windows like portholes
London - NorthGreenich_02StadiumComplex
A different view of the area
London - NorthGreenich_02StadiumComplex3
The O2 Stadium roof

We then went by Tube, changing once, to the V&A, where we had dinner. We chose different food and shared, a way to enjoy different tastes.

London - V&A
London - V&A2
One of the galleries

According to my iPhone we walked nearly 12 kilometres. Considering I had worked up feeling unwell, this was pretty amazing. It was fairly cold and fresh in the open air, maybe this helped. Plus, I enjoyed what we were doing. Stephen had another chance to look at some galleries before dinner.

We feel, on the whole, that it was a fitting ‘last day in London’, taking advantage of the complex transport system to do quite a lot of exploring in one day. We kept finding ourselves being drawn back to the river.

One last photo, I took a photo of this last time we were at the V&A, but it worked better with my 35mm 2.8 lens.

London - V&A4
A Celebration of Life – I think.

Today, Saturday, is a day of packing up and sorting things out. We feel quite excited about going on the next stage of our adventure. We rang Matthew and Mum today so that we can concentrate on getting ready tomorrow morning. It is good to be leaving after lunch so that we don’t have to get up very early in the morning to get the washing done (sheets, towels, etc.) which will be left on the drying horse for the next exchangee to sort out. We will do a little shopping for some basics for them this evening.

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