We met with Eversley for breakfast yesterday morning and it was really great to catch up. She picked us up from where we are staying and we went to the Wild Fig Cafe at Brighton Beach. We heard the story of Kamba and Makuru, her new little dogs. Catching up about Working Voices Choir business was interesting as well.

We dropped Stephen at home, then went back to her place for a while to meet to meet the dogs. They made little noises of greeting when we arrived, but did not bark – good behaviour in such small dogs. They have beds in the house as well as the brick laundry for overnight. I tried taking some photos with the D7200 on continuous drive – but they are so small and I wasn’t flexible enough to get on the floor and get direct shots of their faces. Still, they do look up.

Like this – Makuru

I was very tired when I got home and rested for the afternoon. In the evening we went out with David and Lesley to meet up for their normal fortnightly dinner group. We enjoyed a shared Chinese meal and good conversation.

Eversley offered to take me up to Mum’s today (Wednesday) and we made a decision this morning that although the morning is lovely, coming home through the traffic in the afternoon is pretty challenging. I wouldn’t be driving, but I know how annoying and tiring it is to drive. We have opted to have a quiet day today. We should have chances to meet up and I may go with Stephen on Monday to the writer’s group to give him a lift.

Stephen followed up on the air-conditioning. We found that Jeff Moritz have handed it over to Fujitsu who have handed it on to a third party. It will still be fixed under warranty, and we still have to wait, maybe until next week. It will be hot again this weekend, but we are wanting to go home. I had been thinking that just having one room air-conditioned would work. We actually do have that room – the caravan.

I will check with Matt to see if he wants to come home for tea on Sunday night anyway. I think he will. We can buy something easy to prepare. He is only with us for about 3 hours, so I expect he will be able to cope.

Stephen has been working on the travel insurance claim form.

Look up Stephen!



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