All about Stephen

On Wednesday morning Stephen experienced a lot of discomfort when he was showering. He rested most of the day, then we went to a short walk in the late afternoon. He had discomfort during the walk. On Thursday morning he was still having problems. He rang Health Direct and after asking a great many questions, she advised him to go to the emergency department of a hospital.

We caught a taxi to RPH and he went in immediately. After hours of assessment and an X-Ray that confirmed no broken ribs, the cardiologists decided he could go home, but to see a specialist as soon as possible and he was given a script for a beta blocker to slow down his heart as it was going too fast for someone who was resting.

We feel somewhat reassured by having a plan of action. This morning Stephen was able to book an appointment on Tuesday afternoon with the specialist who was supervising the cardiologist we saw in hospital.

The doctor also suggested a possible cause for the seizure. If Stephen’s heart was switching from AF to Sinus rhythm and there was a longer gap where the brain was starved for oxygen, it could have triggered a seizure. This is just a theory, but at least is something!

So, Stephen has an appointment with his GP Monday morning regarding the MRI report and an appointment Tuesday afternoon with the cardiologist. We also have an appointment on Tuesday to have our air-conditioning fixed and if that runs over, Stephen will catch a taxi to the Mount Hospital for his appointment.

Apart from that, all is well, I think! The featured image was taken on our walk around the block. I was particularly noticing all the flowers.

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