An ordinary Thursday

This morning we did some shopping. A new toaster to replace ours which burns toast around the edges whilst leaving the rest untouched almost. Some shirts and jeans from Jeanswest for Matt to wear to his sister’s wedding. The young man serving me was wearing ‘skinny jeans’ and looked about the same size as Matt. His secret, to buy women’s jeans size 8. It seemed a better idea than boy’s size 14 in Target. So, that is what I bought for Matt.

In the afternoon I went over to Matt’s. I wanted to get some practice with his powered chair. As I arrived Matt was arriving home from a visit to the zoo with Nick. I checked with Nick, who said that he wears skinny jeans. Peace was there and she confirmed that the jeans look just the right size for Matt. Matt was taken by the lighter of the two shirts, looks like he will choose that one to wear to his sister’s wedding.

Stephen and I were invited today as well, but it may be a bit too much for us with everything else that is on at the moment. Anyway, I rather like the idea that Matt and Hidde are going together. I think Matt will have a lot of fun. I would like to see Tracey get married, to see her on her special day.

I found it a bit easier to use the powered chair in a bigger space. Just takes practice. Peace said that Matt does some practice each morning.

Jenny and Francis were there, and Matt and the others seemed to be having a good time. Matt was speaking more than he usually does, nodding and saying ‘yeah, yeah’ when asked if he wanted a coffee. I don’t know if the other things he says are as easy to understand, but it is nice to see him confident enough to talk anyway. He was relaxed and confident. We looked at the photos he had taken at the zoo and he was obviously interested in the animals and birds.

We had salmon, salad and small potatoes for tea, followed by a shared banana and some grapes. We watched Sherlock Holmes later. We don’t have our dining table in a position where we can eat tea and watch the news, something to work on.

On the way back home through Mt Lawley I noticed a Gelato stall in Walcott Street, on the corner of Beaufort, part of the Astor building. Unexpectedly cute. The photo was taken on my iPhone and processed (including cropping) in Snapseed.



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