Friday and Saturday

Yesterday Stephen went to his first opera movie since arriving home. It was at Cinema Paradiso. I wanted to get the sensors cleaned on a couple of cameras, which meant taking them to CameraElectronic in Northbridge, and was therefore able to give him a lift. I went to a cafe in the area to do some colouring and read a book on my iPad.

My Cat

They were able to do both cameras on the day and I went back to pick them up at around 4.15 p.m.

Stephen was interested in getting some discounted shirts from Jeanswest, so we went over to the shopping centre on our way home from Northbridge. He found four shirts at $21 each.

We watched the tennis, then went over to the Hawkers’ Market for tea. We looked out for other Vic Park friends, but didn’t seen anyone we knew.

I did some reading on the use of beta blockers in the treatment of heart problems, including atrial fibrillation. It seems a no-brainer that he has been prescribed this drug. Even though AF does not cause heart attacks, it may cause angina because of heart muscles not receiving enough oxygen. Although the pressure Stephen feels when walking is not in the right place for angina, it certainly fits what people often describe as an experience of pressure or something similar, rather than actual pain. Especially since it eases if he rests for awhile. It can be very uncomfortable. Stephen has had this problem for years now, and no investigation has found a reason for it. Of course, it is much worse now, but it sounds like the medication may help to ease the problem. Its main effect is to slow the heart rate, apparently this was a problem the day he went to Royal Perth emergency department.

His stress test has been bought forward to Monday due to a cancellation and his next appointment to see the cardiologist has also been brought forward. The appointment with the neurologist is still the 8th February.

Today we went to see Mum. We spent the day there, sitting outside at first as it wasn’t too hot, then spending time inside watching the tennis. We raided her well stocked freezer for food for our lunch. Mum now has two cooked chickens in her fridge, I suggested that choose one and eat that and throw the other one away as it will be too long out of the freezer to be safe to eat. I’m not sure if she will do it, so will check when I see her again on Wednesday. Fortunately she says she doesn’t feel well enough to drive and I’ve said I will take her shopping on Wednesday.

Joy, Stephen and Susan


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