Opera in the Park Rehearsal

Yesterday (Friday) we spent much of the day at home. I caught up with Stephanie from Townsend Studio re what Matt is doing this year. An individual programme. I said that it was important to us that staff write in his Chat Book so that we can share in what he is doing.

I phoned Mum to say that I would look for a pair of the same sandals that I have. I asked if Marie visited yesterday, she wasn’t sure. I couldn’t resist ringing and speaking with Marie – confirmed that she did go to see Mum yesterday. Marie wasn’t feeling too well and she was able to go home fairly early, hopefully to have some rest.

In the evening we went to the rehearsal and met with Eversley for a shared supper. Jeff Caroll came as well and appreciated the supper, plus the extra folding chair we brought along for him. It was an enjoyable night and although we took light jumpers/jackets, they were quite enough, it didn’t get cold.

The photos were taken on the Nikon D7200 with 16-85mm lens. I processed some in Snapseed on my iPad, then sent them to myself via email. Not wonderful photos, but I enjoyed having the camera and playing in Snapseed.

Quite a decent crowd already, and more people came by the time it started at about 8.15 p.m.
We sat on our low concert going chairs, nice because we don’t block people behind us and are pretty comfortable
A lot of shadow lift here, I like the light on the horizon
This shows a bit more of the audience
The opera works quite well with this small stage setting and the orchestra alongside
A closer view
The cast in action

All in all, a very pleasant time. This opera only lasts about 50 minutes. Sometimes there was a loss of the sound, or the sub titles didn’t work, but basically it went very well. They went through it again, but we felt that once was enough for us and after sitting talking for a while we left as it started up again.

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