Wednesday – Thursday

Yesterday I went to see Mum. It went quite well and I tried not to challenge her memory or question things too much. She agreed to have the blood test this Saturday and I will phone her Friday evening as well as Saturday morning to try to ensure it happens. Mum has decided that she will smoke inside the house sometimes as she is feeling anxious about the man who came onto her verandah. She is still confused about things and speaks of it being ‘yesterday’.

We watched Bridget Jones’ Diary in the afternoon, which Mum really enjoyed. It was a long time since I have seen it and I forgot how much she smokes and drinks in the movie.

Today I posted 6 tins of milk formula to Della and saw my dentist for a clean and checkup. They have become a HBF preferred provider and what this means is that of a $223.00 invoice I paid $23.40 and HBF paid $199.00. Pretty amazing!

We have choir tonight and I am wondering how it will go with both the lead altos away tonight.

Stephen saw his GP who has no news, but gave him a script for the beta blockers he has been taking since seeing the heart specialist. I took photos of Stephen working in the garden this morning. The weather is milder at the moment and the morning was quite fresh and cool in the shade.

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