We are still in Albi

We planned to leave today, but found the train connections for our next leg of the journey worked best on Tuesday. We had a good day yesterday of exploring the local bakery and hydro electric museum. We set out around 9:00 am and stayed at the bakery for a couple of hours working out accomodation and trains. This is proving to be a lot of work!

We caught up with Matt on FaceTime at the bakery cafe.

By the time we started walking again it was warmer. We are using our umbrellas for shade, no one else does, so we must look a bit odd to the locals. We stopped and had lunch just after 1:00 and then were able to get to,the museum shortly after it opened. We had a rest in a local park as well.

By now it was very hot. We found that all of the signage and the tour were in French only, so a bit of a struggle.

By the time we walked home, about 3 kms, it was around 4:00 and we were very hot and bothered. It was a relief to be in the relatively cool house.

An interesting outside spiral staircase on this building.

I took some photos in the front garden yesterday after sunset.

This morning we went to the bakery again and bought a large cheese and salad roll for our lunch and a meet and cheese platter for dinner. A couple of pastries made it onto our shopping list as well.

We’ve spent the rest of the day at home, with our hosts out at work. Today was about 38 degrees, the beginning of a heat wave. Our hostess did some washing for me yesterday in her washing machine, and I did a bit of hand washing this morning to keep up to date. The dripping washing, including a pair of jeans was all dry within four hours.

We switched the air conditioner on at about 2:00pm and have needed it ever since. We have watched the first three episodes of the HBO series CHERNOBYL, very well done and intense. It’s been a good distraction from planning trains and accommodation. We seem to,have to do some planning each day.

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  1. Your upside down photos reflect my confusion too.. where and the hell were you going and what is the final destination!! Perhaps I should just read it more thoroughly… do have a good rest soon!!

    • We are on a trip using Eurail passes. The destination is eventually back to Croydon. We are making things up as we go along. We only have one night here in Lyon.

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