Albi to Lyon

We had a complicated journey to Lyon. We travelled south to the coast, the north again to Lyon, with four train changes. All went smoothly until the third train, which was delayed for about 15 minutes or so. It meant that it was hit or miss whether we would make our connection. In the end, it was only because they slightly delayed our train that we and the other people didn’t miss it.

The last train was the only really fast one and we had paid a reservation fee on our seats. It was an very comfortable first class carriage, with little lamps and well padded seats. We had made a mistake with the seats and we weren’t officially seated together, but as there were spare seats we managed. There was a snack bar on the train and Stephen bought us a Croque monsieur, which he thought was unique to France until I assured him that we can get them in Perth. A bit deflating. But delicious to eat.

I want to add more photos but it is late and I need to sleep.

Arrival here in Lyon was a bit of a kerfuffle at first because our host had only a short window of time to let us into our tiny ‘apartment’. It’s really a room with en-suite and a kitchen, and air conditioner. But so nice to have our own space again. And our own bathroom.

We went to a local supermarket and bought food for dinner, very simple stuff so we didn’t have to cook, plus milk, yogurt and fruit. After a short rest we went out to the confluence of the two rivers, the Rhone and the Saone, you will have to imagine the punctuation here.

We loved being able to catch a few glimpses of the ocean on our train journey. Surprisingly we didn’t find today’s journey tiring, although we are tired now from our little outing.

The building where we are staying in Lyon.

Catching the train at Albi yesterday morning.

Watching for the train at Albi.

Albi Train Station.

Lyon Train Station. Lyon is one of the major cities of France. The area of Lyon where we are staying is quite modern, with some interesting buildings. Quite different to the more traditional area we stayed in Paris.

This is across from the train station. They don’t have much of an underground as there is a very good tram network. Well, almost very good, one line isn’t working and we caught a substitute bus to go on our outing last night.

Living on the river.

Museum of the Confluence.

We didn’t get to visit the castle, which has a museum.

Each river has its own bridges.

Waiting for the substitute bus.

the photos are the right way up when viewed on my iPad. I don’t have my laptop with me on this trip, so can’t check in a normal browser.

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  1. Well it sounds like Lyon might be the destination…? Or maybe there is no destination.. life is just one big journey!
    I bought a new smallish suitcase yesterday for $90.. will it last the journey.. we’ll see.. .but it won’t allow me take more than 15 kgs.. and that’s all I can manage!

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