A New Ambassador for Australia

We travelled by Lake Lausanne, then up through the mountains to a little town called Brig. From here we catch the Glacier Express, a sightseeing train, to St Moritz. We felt that today was a sightseeing train journey, especially the second half.

Travelling First Class to Brig.

I took a lot of video as we travelled, with mixed results due to reflections. It is still hot here, despite the elevation, but tomorrow’s train journey and our next destination should be cooler and the present heat wave will be almost over by the time we reach Lucerne on Friday afternoon.

We are staying in an apartment AirBnB here in Brig. Our host greeted us and settled us in when we arrived. We will need to buy some milk and yogurt for our breakfast tomorrow and there is a supermarket just across the road from here. We have less privacy, but more space.

Later, when it is cooler, we will be able to open the shutter and see the view.

View from the train, except we were going through a tunnel.

Three children got on the train and travelled for a couple of stops. They had lots of bags and a huge case, which the two bigger girls manhandled up to the overhead shelf. The rest of us only put small stuff up there. I couldn’t help applauding. We had a very friendly ticket officer on board and she made sure that when they arrived at their station they waited for her help to get it down. Girl power all round.

And now, just a couple of photos from Brig. It’s a lovely small town of town of about 10,000 people, with newer apartment blocks and a wonderful older town section, with lots of restaurants. It has been a very warm evening after a hot day, even here at a much higher elevation, but it was perfect for wandering around and sitting for a while having a beer. The mountains dominate the town, with some snow even in this hot summer.

We sat on the balcony for a little while on our return and caught the beautiful sunset.

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