Slumming it in St Moritz

Well, not exactly slumming as we are paying about $150 for our hostel room, but it’s hardly luxurious. When we arrived here after our eight hour ride on the Glacier Express through the mountains and valleys we were able to buy Pre packaged food and long life milk. At reception they provided us with a kettle for our room. Although there is a common room in the hostel there are no kitchen facilities. We have our own plastic spoons and that’s that.

The hostel is part of a large hotel complex with a range of different types of accommodation. They have a restaurant but we felt it would be too expensive and we have simple needs. They provide a free shuttle bus to and from the station and I have to say that the staff we have dealt with so far have been just as friendly and helpful as if we were ‘the rich’.

The train journey was through stunning scenery, but my photos and videos are rubbish because we don’t yet have the technology to get rid of reflections on the large viewing windows. You can hold your camera against the glass, but that usually means you can’t frame the photos to take in the scenery. We took a little walk after our evening snack just carrying our phones and got some good photos of the mountains and fields where we are staying.

We were in the sun on our side of the train for most of the journey, it was worth it because we also had the best views a lot of the time.

Stephen takes some rest.

Food and drinks were served throughout the journey. We had a main course each, plus we bought water and coffee. We had a chocolate bar for desert.

Isn’t Stephen prepared for going through tunnels with his safari hat and sun glasses!. Actually, most of the tunnels were very short.

They provided earphones and some short commentary as we went through different regions. A gong would sound to alert us to put on our earphones when the commentary would start. It even allowed time for us to get ready.

This was late in the day when we had some clouds and a shower of rain. But it was fairly clear by the time we arrived at our hostel.

There were some beautiful homes on our evening walk.

Cow bells, of course! We are in Switzerland.

Our AirBnB stay in Brig is our favourite so far. The apartment was large and dare I say luxurious, although furnished very simply. The views from all of the windows were of mountain scenery. Best of all, we had one host and he had spent time in WA when he was young, a home stay visit for a month. There was a photo of wave rock amongst the travel photos in our room. He was very hospitable and seemed comfortable with having guests to stay, which helped to put us at our ease. In the morning he went out early which meant we had the place to ourselves to have breakfast and get ready.

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