Although we arrived hot and tired and sweaty the city is immediately appealing and there is lots of see. The humidity and heat are probably because rain, and possibly a storm, is on it’s way.

Here in Lucerne we have a tiny apartment, with some shared facilities in a student complex. We haven’t seen any music students yet, just travellers like us wanting inexpensive, self catering accommodation. It’s the first time we’ve come to an AirBnB with lots of signs outside yelling AirBnB.

When we caught the train this morning we had to retrace our steps for the first couple of hours. We were glad to go through the same scenery in sunshine, sitting mostly in the shade on the normal train. It was very slow going as the line twists and turns and our train sometimes had to wait for trains coming the other way.

Altogether we had three train changes today. We passed by a couple of very large lakes, some flatter landscape, and returning to mountains. Lucerne, of course, has a wonderful lake and we plan to take a cruise on Sunday.

We didn’t buy any food on the way here, hoping that there would be a shop nearby, but no such luck. We were told about a bakery nearby, but were too busy settling in to get out right away. There were pizzas available in freezer in the shared area. We are allowed to use the food and drinks and on an honour system, paying for them by putting money in a box.

We’ve had a pizza and some beer. We walked down to the river, but found there was no path along there and had to climb up lots of stairs to get to the street. We walked back along the way the bus came and found the bakery still open because it is also a restaurant. We bought milk and croissants for breakfast, plus ice creams. It was almost dark by the time we got home.

We have a bed with a slide out section that makes it into a double bed at night, but can be used as a couch during the day. It’s an excellent set up for a very small space. We have a couple of comfortable chairs and a dining/desk area.

There is no air conditioning here and we have a door that opens normally, or sits on an angle for night time use – no one can get in and we have some airflow. We also have a small fan.

This is a view of the rear of our red train snaking around the right bends.

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