Greenwich – evensong at the chapel at the Old Naval College

The main objective of our trip was to go to evensong, but we also enjoyed exploring the complex. It is now part of a university, but was originally built as a hospital and retirement home for sailors. It’s extremely grand, the idea being that men would be more likely to volunteer for the navy if they felt they would be well taken care of in the event of being disabled.

The buildings were designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

When we arrived at the chapel at about 5.00 pm the choir was practising for the service. They looked a motley collection of young people in casual gear, but with lovely voices. For the service they were transformed into angelic beings in cassocks and surplices. The whole service was enjoyable as we all have a background of going to church when we were young. We joined in for a rousing hymn at the end. Stephen and Eversley had to revert to singing lower parts, made up on the spot, since hymn tunes are pitched for sopranos.

It was a good outing. Stephen and I went there last year, so it wasn’t new to us, but definitely worth a second visit.

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