Reworking Kew Gardens photos

Today I have reworked some of my Kew Gardens photos using PhotoTraces presets to see whether I like the enhancements. I want to go through all of my photos from 2015 as an exercise to see if I feel like including a couple in the Workshop Camera Club photo book. And also because I want to choose a subset of favourites from our travels for Stephen and I to enjoy.

Yesterday I saw Mum and we went to see Dr Illich. She had a phone call from the Silver Chain to say that her personal alarm should get to her soon. Jamie knows and should be able to install it for her. Dr Illich filled in his section of the form for an ACROD sticker and also gave Mum a letter of referral to the local ACAT team. Mission accomplished and I have forwarded both forms scanned into emails this morning, and have had them acknowledged as received.

We watched ‘Elizabeth, the Golden Age’ – quite stunningly beautiful on her 50″ TV. We had a rest before watching it, but were both a bit tired when we parted. I rang her this morning just to check that she was OK. Jamie had been to see her. It is very hot up there apparently, but only 32 degrees here, fortunately.

So, on to looking at the photos. The featured photo is of grasses at Kew Gardens.

A sort of wind tunnel glass house at Kew Gardens
Some autumn leaves with dark reflections. This definitely looks for interesting than the original.
And this, one of my favourites, a slightly different view from the other one I have posted, showing more of the tree trunk.

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