We began the day by going to the Cinema Paradiso to see an opera film. The libretto is so silly that the producers of this version said that they got around it by changing the story to a girl hallucinating that she is Joan of Arc. Our heroine spent a lot of her time in plain white nightgowns.

Then we went home via the newly named Elizabeth Quay Busport – a Blue Cat from Northbridge and one of our usual buses home. We were able to see some of the Elizabeth Quay area from outside of the bus station on the second level. There is a little park there with quite large trees, I was quite taken with the fact that this was a park with mature largish trees on the upper level of a building.

Elizabeth Quay Bus Port

In the even we went over to the Hawkers’ Market for a meal and to enjoy the atmosphere. It is quite noisy so if you were meeting friends it would be best to bring your own table and chairs so that you could sit well away from the DJ and children playing.

Hawkers' Market4, Victoria Park


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